TISA 3D is a state-of–the-art, patented and revolutionary technology which needs to be brought to deep oil and gas reservoirs in order to maximize oil and gas recovery. These measurements will increase the data density of these reservoirs immensely. Based on the Proof of Concept performed by Delft University of Technology, the technology can be used successfully in oil and gas reservoirs for different applications like monitoring, geosteering and wireline logging.

The project, which started in September 2016, will cover 36 months in total and is divided in two phases. Risk management is the primary reason for this two-phase development process. The two phases represent the best approach for evaluation of all the risk factors, both technically and financially.

Phase 1: shallow prototype tool
The prototype tool for shallow applications up to a depth of 30 m (phase 1)  is being built at the moment. The system has been designed and a number of components, such as the antenna module and the probe controller have been manufactured. Other components have been selected and bought. The winch is small, yet powerful enough to lift the approximately 50 kg probe with 3 m per minute. The probe will be suspended by a tripod on the surface.  

At the moment the radar sender and receiver are being manufactured. When these are ready and tested, all components together will be tested for electromagnetic interference and possible measures to prevent this will be taken. When successful, all mechanical parts will be manufactured and the tool will be assembled. The end product of phase 1 will be a fully operational system in circumstances up to maximum 30 m depth under normal surface level temperatures and very modest pressures.  

The next phase: HPHT full service tool
In phase 2 (month 14-36) the tool will be developed  into an HPHT full service tool. All the necessary changes that need to be made to adapt the tool to the HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) circumstances, will be included.

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