The TISA 2D Borehole Radar developed by T&A Survey is a simple, safe and clear way to collect data about the subsurface. The TISA 2D can be used in a variety of shallow and deep underground applications where surface radar is not possible.

TISA 2D rental to US
In 2020, the TISA 2D was rented by a client from the United States for the implementation of two projects. For both projects, T&A supplied the measurement system and the processing and visualization software optimized for borehole radar. In addition, T&A helped the customer in drawing up the optimal borehole plan, survey design and the data interpretation.

Gold mine and bridge abutment
The first project involved identifying possible voids in an open pit gold mine in Colorado. After the successful completion of this project, the client decided to use the TISA 2D for another project, this time in New York. This involved the detection of existing foundation piles in for the installation of new steel H piles for a bridge abutment.

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