Basic knowlegde UXO

For whom?
Companies or organizations can be confronted with UXO for various reasons. People performing supportive activities in the UXO work area, without participating in the actual investigation process, such as drivers, excavators and supervisors, must have the Basic Knowledge UXO (Basiskennis OCE) certificate.

The Basic Knowledge UXO level includes:   
  • basic knowledge about explosives & UXO,   
  • basic knowledge about the approach and implementation of projects according to the WSCS-OCE legislation,   
  • knowing and correctly applying safety rules to UXO projects.

This course will give you a thorough preparation for the exam. The instructor will go through all test terms with you and, where necessary, provide explanations and practical examples.

Course duration
The training and the exam take place on the same day. The Basic Knowledge OCE exam consists of a theory exam of 25 multiple choice questions.

Upon request

Upon request

The course and the exam can be taken at the T&A office or, if desired and with sufficient participants, at the client's office.