Preliminary UXO survey - Phase 1

T&A's preliminary UXO investigation is a desk study to establish whether there is an increased risk of the presence of UXO from the Second World War in a specific area. This is done through literature and archive research and the interpretation of aerial photographs. With a project-related risk analysis (PRA), T&A then maps the project-specific risks of discovering explosives.

Why preliminary UXO investigation?

Reasons for conducting a preliminary UXO survey may be planned ground works in an area that hasn't been touched since WWII or indications that there have been battles and bombings in or near the research area.

Historical archive

T&A has already conducted many preliminary UXO investigations and municipality-wide preliminary UXO surveys throughout the Netherlands. In addition, T&A has mapped the entire Dutch railway system, cable and gas pipeline traces, rivers and dikes over a few tens to hundreds of kilometers. This resulted in an extensive archive of historical data.

Phase 1A - Preliminary UXO research

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Phase 1B - UXO risk analysis

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Municipality wide preliminary research

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Omni Soil Scan

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