Assistant UXO expert

For whom?
If you want to become a professional in the UXO branche, you will have to start as an Assistant UXO expert. The emphasis of this level of expertise is on performing UXO detection. The Assistant UXO expert always works under the direct supervision and responsibility of the UXO expert. An exception to this is non-real-time detection. Under certain conditions this may be performed by two Assistant UXO experts. The candidate does not have to be in the posession of the Basic Knowledge UXO certificate.

The course covers different detection methods, with the emphasis on metal detection. Participants are made familiar with the basic concepts and detection methods. Theory and practice are alternated. At the end of the course you will have the basic knowledge of:   
  • explosive substances,   
  • ammunition recognition (16 main groups),   
  • interpretation of measurement data,   
  • localization and layer-by-layer excavation of UXO,   
  • excavation,   
  • identification and securing.

The Assistant UXO Expert exam consists of three parts:   
  1. theory exam consisting of multiple choice questions;   
  2. practical exam consisting of 2 assignments (surface and/or depth detection);   
  3. UXO recognition, consisting of a field recognition part and a photo recognition part (recognition by main type).

Duration, costs and data
On request, depending on level, experience and group size.

The course  can take place at the T&A Survey office in Amsterdam or, if desired and sufficient participants, at the client's location. The exam takes place at the UXO Examination Foundation (Stichting VOMES).