Geotechnical surveys in UXO suspect areas

T&A performs geotechnical research, depth detection, the determination of the length of sheet piling or the location of anchor rods using a magnetometer cone. A CPT (Cone Penetration Test) rod with a built-in magnetometer is pressed into the ground in a controlled manner using a CPT truck or CPT platform. Probings can be set up to many tens of meters and can be used on land as well as in water.

Magnetometer CPT

Magnetometer CPT is a magnetic technique that can detect deep ferrous metal objects. Applications include:
  • Detection of deep, large metal objects (UXO).
  • Determining the depth of a sheet pile wall.
  • Locating reinforced piles.
  • Locating anchor rods.
  • Geotechnical probes in suspected area.