Independent consultants

T&A has more than 20 years of experience in bringing UXO detection projects to a succesful end. It is our goal to always look for the best, safest en and most cost efficient way to realize your UXO project.

T&A's clients can rely on tailored, independent advice throughout all stages of the UXO investigation. We will provide an answer to the following questions:

  • Is a preliminary UXO investigation or risk analysis recommended or necessary?
  • Do any previously conducted historical preliminary studies, project plans or reports comply with the WSCS OCE legislation?
  • What safety measures are necessary during the planned work?
  • Are there alternatives for detection surveys?
  • Have all alternative options for which no or less UXO investigation is necessary been examined?
  • Are there any possible alternative detection techniques?
  • Does the UXO detection take place in accordance with the established project plan?

In recent years T&A was involved as an advisor in many complex, large scale infrastructural projects for cities, provinces and contracting firms, for example the construction of highways, the adaptation of waterways and several projects in the Port of Rotterdam.