Consultants for environmental issues

T&A has all the expertise to steer the entire process of environmental soil research in the right direction. Our consultants think from you as a client to optimally represent your interests. The fieldwork is carried out by specialized fieldwork agencies that we have been working with for many years.

Project management

In construction projects, there is a growing demand to entrust the environmental aspects such as soil research, nature testing and asbestos research to one party. This party is responsible for the entire project management, from permit application to the completion of a new construction site. T&A Survey acts as the spider in the web for such projects. We are the direct contact point for the customer throughout the process.

Second opinion

In some cases it takes many years of research to determine the precise extent of soil contamination. Changing regulations can cause serious obstacles in business operations. New regulations may also prove that the original contamination is less serious. An independent, expert second opinion from T&A Survey can shed new light on the matter.