UXO investigation

Inshore and Offshore UXO surveys of the water bottom have to be carried out if work is planned in areas with a high risk of encountering WWII explosives. For example, during the construction of wind farms, the laying of cables and tubes in the water bed, sand mining or dredging. T&A's UXO experts also provide guidance during the execution of these activities. For example, if an object get stuck in the nozzle during dredging, it can be secured and identified on site.

UXO experts and divers

T&A Survey has an experienced team of UXO experts and certified in addition to a wide range of geotechnical measuring instruments for conducting offshore and inshore UXO investigations. The data analysis already starts on board of the survey vessel: by combining all the gathered data, suspicious objects can be located with great precision. Based on the results the client can, if necessary, decide to relocate the planned activities or identify and remove the objects. In this way, costs for downtime are kept as low as possible and the work can be carried out safely.