Explantion of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy makes use of the heat from the center of the earth. It can be used of for heating or transformed  into electricity. The Dutch subsurface offers great opportunities for geothermal energy.

How does geothermal energy work?

Geothermal energy uses warm water from aquifers located at a depth of one to four kilometers. To extract the hot water water a well consisting of  two bore holesis drilled: one for production and one for injection. The production well pumps the water to the surface and leads it to the geothermal plant. The injection well is used to pump the cold water back into the earth. This way the water level in the reservoir remains stable. This system is called a geothermal doublet.

Heating and electricity

From about 1,8 kilometers beneath the surface the aquifers in the Netherlands are hot enough to produce water of 70 ⁰C or more, which is enough to supply tap water of heating for buildings or greenhouses. From about 3 kilometers the temperatures are high enough for electricity production.

The process for the construction of a geothermal installation is as follows:    

  1. You contact us about your geothermal project location.
  2. We perform a QuickScan of the area in which we indicate the challenges and the geothermal potential of the area.    
  3. If the underground is suitable, we will ensure that the appropriate permits (exploration and production permit) and subsidies are applied for.    
  4. We will steer the process until the green light is given for the installation of a possible geothermal installation. The end result is a complete report with recommendations detailing everything you need to take advantage of the geothemal heat in your area.