In July 2016 T&A Survey has been selected to receive an Innovation Credit from the Dutch government to contribute to the financing of the development of the TISA™ 3D Borehole Radar (TISA 3D) tool. T&A Survey Group has been involved in the development of a 3D Borehole Radar tool since 1998, which has led to the availability of a TISA 3D prototype for detecting metal objects in boreholes up to 100 meters of depth. Currently, T&A is preparing for the next step: the development of a full service E&P wireline logging tool for use in boreholes with a maximum depth of 4.000 meters, applied in oil and gas reservoir characterization.  

Natural gas is composed of more than 75% methane. There is a high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method for the detection of methane in all sectors of the natural gas industry. By attaching a methane detector to a drone, the inspected route can be tracked with coordinates and gas concentration. This way methane leaks can be detected safely, quickly and accurately.

June 13 to 16,  our R&D expert attended the 16th international conference of Ground penetrating Radar (GPR 2016) hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


T&A Survey Drone Services and Geosense will share a booth at the PDAC International Convention. PDAC is the world’s leading Convention for everyone in, or connected with, mineral exploration. New drone technology is on its way to replace labour-intensive methods of drone surveying, inspection and mapping. Come visit our booth and learn all about our mining services!

T&A Survey and Remote Sensing specialist Ursus Airborne joined forces in T&A Survey Drone Services, the first company in the Netherlands performing specialised soil surveys using drones. T&A Survey Drone Services offers a wide range of services making specialised soil surveys more efficient, safe and affordable.