Our drone surveys

T&A Survey Drone Services uses unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones to acquire, process and interpret geophysical, geological and environmental data sets. By combining our knowledge and experience in gathering data by using a large variety of geophysical techniques with the latest UAS technology, we offer a broad range of unmanned services to our customers.

Drone inspections & monitoring

Our drones can be used for the inspection of plants, structures and objects which are otherwise hard or impossible to reach, for example wind farms (onshore and offshore), high buildings, bridges, chimneys, high-voltage pylons and cables.

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Archaeological drone research

The use of drones can provide new perspectives during archaeological research and excavations. Especially in surveys covering large areas with many underground artefacts, such as ancient foundations, the use of drones can reduce time and costs and improve the quality of the project considerably. This way the excavation activities can be more focussed.

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Drone dike inspections

Deformations and weak spots in dikes can be detected quickly and efficiently with geophysical research. This can be done from ground level but also with a drone.

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Geodata above and below water level

Combining measurement techniques for drone and waterbottom research, T&A can make 3D digital elevation and terrain models and orthophoto mosaics of areas streching both above and below the water level.

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Drone UXO Detection

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones are very suitable for the detection of UXO in large or inaccessible areas. Drone UXO detection is done with a drone magnetometer system*. During the flight the drone is kept at a constant hight using a laser sensor, in order to obtain accurate results with high resolution.

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Drone vegetation and wildlife monitoring

Drones provide an important innovation in vegetation monitoring in agriculture and flora and fauna research such as counting certain animal species in nature reserves..

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Environmental drone inspection

With the help of T&A Drone Services' drones, the environment can be monitored for erosion, land degradation and the encroachment of invasive species. Pollution and environmental disasters can be monitored and the appropriate restorative action plans can be identified and carried out.

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