T&A is offering a 1-day training course at no cost where you will be introduced to the possibilities of TISA 2D. The free course will take place in our office in Amsterdam. T&A Survey’s TISA 2D Borehole Radar is a simple, safe and clear way to acquire data of the subsurface. The TISA 2D tool can be used in various shallow and deep underground applications where traditional surface ground penetrating radar (GPR) cannot penetrate and is beyond it’s range.

For the first time T&A Survey will be exhibiting showcasing its offshore services. Projects involving the seabed carry the risk of encountering unexploded ordnance (UXO) from World War II. In suspect areas it is therefore necessary to carry out an offshore UXO survey.   

For several customers T&A has performed measurements in deep water. Generaly, for similar project a so-called 'Fish' of AUV is used to look for large objecs like ship or airplane wrecks. The detection of relatively small objects, like aerial bombs, is more challenging. In order to perform a good data analysis, accurate GPS positioning is essential.

The TISA 2D Borehole Radar has been succesfully implemented during a geophysical survey  for the location of foundation poles under a concrete basement floor of an appartement building in Utrecht. The main goal of the survey was to determine the location of the poles onder the carrying construction, in order for the activities to be carried out safely.