Soil remediation

A remediation plan gives a detailed description of  the most suitable remediation method resulting from the remediation survey. T&A Survey brings together all parties needed for a quick and efficient remediation. T&A also takes care of the communication with the authorities. After the completion of the remediation, the results of the project are presented in a report.

Ecological remediation
Soil remediation removes soil contamination that is a direct threat to humans. In the Netherlands, more and more areas are being cleaned up while trying to ensure the preservation of the original subsurface and/or the restoration of the ecological values ​​of an area. The starting point is that the soil is the basis for the natural wealth of an area. This kind of soil remediation requires knowledge of the relevant ecological system and is therefore considered a natural or ecological remediation. T&A specializes in combining traditional remediation techniques with geological soil knowledge in connection with the goals within the ecosystem.

Saving time
Many remediations are relatively simple and are eligible for rapid settlement through the Uniform Remediation Regulations. This means that a remediation can be started six weeks after the report. This is in contrast to regular remediation, which requires at least 15 weeks. For regular remediation, T&A is looking for new and innovative remediation techniques to limit time and costs.