Archaeological preliminary research

In the development process of environmental planning projects, the possibility of encountering objects of structures of archaeological or historical value needs to be taken into account. Therefore, by law there ar procedures that need to be followed (in the Netherlands this is the AMK-cyclus, to be found in the Kwaliteitsnorm Nederlandse Archeologie 4.1).

Desk research
In recent years the awareness of  the remains of the Second World War (WWII) being a part of our cultural heritage has grown. Archaeological research into this period is increasingly taking place, often combined with UXO investigation. The combination of these investigation starts in the preliminary phase. Information from the historical UXO investigation can be usefull for the archaological research and vice versa. Since both investigations are performed in the same place, important information is shared quickly and efficiently.

Combination with UXO research
Since at T&A all our desk and field reseach specialists work together under one roof, communication is quick and easy and combined surveys can be carried out very efficiently. For example, we can combine a historical UXO investigation with an archaeological research to the remains of World War II and, if necessary, with an environmental investigation for possible soil pollution. If this combined desk research shows it is necessary, we can carry out a field investigation, again combining various specialist fields. This way we always find the best solution to any soil related problem.