Geothermal Energy and ATES

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Geothermal Energy and ATES

One of the greatest challenges of our time is the changing climate. Many people and companies are therefore switching to green energy. Energy from the subsurface can be applied for households and businesses (Heat-Cold Storage/ATES) and on a larger scale for industries and governments (deep geothermal energy).

T&A Survey specializes in all aspects of the deep and shallow underground. We carry out assessments with regard to the possibilities for ATES or geothermal energy. The end result is a complete report with recommendations outlining everything you need to know to take optimal advantage of the possibilities for geothermal energy in your area.

Why T&A for geothermal energy and ATES?

  • Very accessible: a project can be as large or as small as you want. This makes us very flexible to meet your specific needs.       
  • With our short feasibility study, you will quickly find out about the suitability of the subsoil for ATES or geothermal energy. This saves you time and money
  • We take care of the complicated and time-consuming process of applying for a permit and subsidy         
  • T&A has a broad knowledge of all facets of the subsurface. This allows us to deal with the various challenges that can be encountered during the realization of a project, such as contamination, archaeological values ​​and UXO.        
  • Extensive experience with two large, successful geothermal projects: Green Well Westland and Trias Westland.