Borehole research

Borehole research takes place if geophysical research from ground level is not possible. T&A performs measurements with logging equipment and maps the properties of the borehole and its immediate surroundings. Examples of possible applications of geophysical techniques in borehole research are:

  • scanning the borehole wall, for example to detect micro fractures,
  • determining salinity and other physical properties of the soil surrounding the borehole
  • dermination of physical properties of subsurface material 
  • detecting aquifers
  • detecting impermeable layers
  • detecting of geological transitions
  • detecting of deeper laying (foreign) objects
  • detecting pollution

TISA 2D Borehole Radar

The TISA® 2D Borehole Radar developed by T&A is a simple, safe and clear way to collect data about the subsurface. The TISA 2D can be used in various shallow and deep underground applications where surface radar is not possible.