Preliminary soil investigation

Environmental soil research aims to identify soil contamination. The research consists of several steps.

Preliminary research

The preliminary investigation is based on NEN 5725 and determines what suspicious activities may have taken place at and near the research location.

Exploratory soil investigation

After the preliminary investigation, an exploratory soil investigation according to NEN 5740 (or the ARVO within Amsterdam) may be necessary. The exploratory soil survey gives an overall picture of the environmental quality of the soil.

Further soil investigation and remediation

If a contamination is found during the exploratory soil investigation, further soil investigation must be carried out. In this investigation we will determine the extent and seriousness of the contamination. The extent and seriousness of the detected contamination can lead to the decision for soil remediation.

AP04 inspections

In order to reuse soil as a building material, an AP04 study is necessary in The Netherlands. Due to the strict standard for PFAS, the reuse of soil has been stopped for a while in 2019. Due to the updated temporary action framework and the establishment of local guidelines by various environmental services, things have started moving again. We are happy to use our experience and knowledge about the latest developments in this field to help you move your soil.