Archaeological supervision

In certain cases it is advisable to carry out earth-moving activities under archaeological supervision. This means that an archaeologist will be present during the excavations to investigate and record his findings. Archaeological supervision is always carried out according to the a trial trench evaluation or archaeological excavation guidelines .

Archaeological supervision of UXO approach

During the approach phase of the UXO investigation, the soil is scraped off layer by layer with an excavator or by hand. Since Word War II heritage is considered to be of archaeological value, it is useful to have archaeological supervision of the excavations. There are several advantages:

  • WWII heritage is registered, documented and collected within context;
  • Other archaeological heritage will also be identified and registered;
  • Quick insight into the soil structure of the site and the possibility of potential locations of archaeological interest.

T&A's archaeologist is also and assitant UXO expert and can therefore conduct both archaeological and UXO research.

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