Technologies & sensors

T&A has a wide range of sensors and geophysical techniques in house that can be attached to our drones in order to perform a survey. This way we can offer our clients the best configuration for every project.


Photogrammetry is the creation of maps from digital aerial photographs which have been made with special high-resolution cameras. By attaching lightweight photo cameras to drones, high-resolution digital 3D aerial photos can be generated, which can then be processed with special software.

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Infrared thermography

Infrared (IR) thermography is a no-contact technique for measuring the surface temperature of a body or an object. This is done with an infrared camera.

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Infrared spectrometry

IR spectrometry measures the infrared absorption of an object. By determining which frequencies have been absorbed, it is possible to determine which chemical bonds occur in the measuring object. The percentage of light reflected from the measurement object is displayed as a graph, called an infrared spectrum. An infrared spectrum is a representation of the frequencies of the absorbed infrared light.

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The Laser imaging Detecting And Ranging (LiDAR) technology uses laser pulses to determine the distance to an object. The technology is comparable to radar, but where radar uses radar waves, LiDAR uses light waves. Since the wavelength of laser light is much shorter than radar waves, LiDAR is able to detect much smaller object.

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Corona Camera

A Corona camera shows the corona discharge caused by damaged insulation materials protecting for example high voltage switches or wires. Failure of insulation materials can lead to discharge failures causing damage to the implant, a break down of the power supply and possibly even fires and explosions.

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Methane detector

There is a high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method for the detection of methane in all sectors of the natural gas industry. The measurement principle of the drone methane detector uses the characteristics of methane, which absorbs laser beams (infrared rays) of a specific wavelength, called infrared absorption technology.

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Magnetometer & gradiometer

With the Drone magnetometer and gradiometer, ferrous objects and soil layers can be detected from the air. Although still in the development phase, the drone magnetometer system has been successfully used in several (international) projects.

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