Our Drones

T&A is in the possession of multirotor (SuperFox and Aibot), fixed wing and helicopter drones. Each type of drone is suitable for specific types of surveys. Based on our knowledge and experience, we determine which drone-sensor configuration will lead to the best results for each project. Our drones are all approved and our drone pilots are fully certified.

SuperFox 6

The SuperFox is an autonomous and versatile multirotor drone granting full redundancy with carbon blades. With 43 minutes of endurance and a complete automation, the SuperFox can carry out significant photogrammetric surveys and be used in many applications. The SuperFox stands out thanks to its in-flight stability and its ability to carry a payload of up to 4 kg.

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Aibot X6 UAS drone

The Aibot X6 UAS drones makes it possible to generate aerial photographs in high density with great accuracy for orthophotos and 3D landscape models.

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SmartPlanes Freya

The SmartPlanes Freya is a fixed wing drone which can be equipped with various sensors, for example infrared thermography, LiDAR and magnetometer. With the flightplanning software you are able to outline the area you want surveyed with great precision, or plan an exact route for the drone.

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High Eye HEF 32

The HEF 32 is an unmanned helicopter with a two-blade single rotor. Because of its small size, light weight and unique capabilities, it creates a class of its own.

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