Approach of UXO - Phase 3

The approach of UXO takes place if the detection survey (phase 2) reveals a number of suspicious locations. The suspicious objects (possible UXO) are exposed, identified and, if necessary, removed. The ultimate responsibility for the explosives approach lies with an UXO expert. During the approach of UXO we follow these steps:

I - Work preparation
A project plan and a project control plan are drawn up. The safety measures are established based on a risk evaluation. The plan needs to be formally approved by all parties involved.

II - Approach and identification
The suspect object will be excavated and identified by an explosives expert. If the suspect object turns out to be an UXO, phases III and IV are carried out.

III - Temporary securing and/or storing of detected UXO
If an UXO is found during the approach activities, additional safety measures will often be applied. The explosive will be stored in a secured ammunition container or covered awaiting the arrival of the Explosives Clearing Service (EOD) of the Ministry of Defense.

IV - Hand over to the Explosives Clearing Service
The UXO will then be registered by the EOD and rendered harmless safely. Depending on the state of the UXO this can be done on the spot or on a location assigned by the EOD.

V - Delivery and Evaluation
A "Declaration Clear of Explosives" will be issued and the project will be evaluated together with the client.