Cables, pipes and foreign objects

Geophysical survey can be used to detect foreign objects in the ground, for example in infrastuctural and archaeological projects or landfill investigations. Foreign objects in the subsurface can usually be detected because they have different properties than the surrounding material. Possible applications of geophysical techniques in the research of foreign objects in the subsurface are:

  • detection of cables and pipes, 
  • detection of foundation piles,
  • detection of metal objects such as oil barrels and tanks,
  • archaeological research of roads, foundations, tools and canals or ditches,
  • forensic investigation,
  • mapping of the thickness of rubble and waste layers and embankments,
  • detection of cavities or basements,
  • detection of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO),
  • dertermine the position of conductive horizonal and vertical boreholes or boreholes with metal casings,
  • dertermine the position of non-conductive horizontal and vertical boreholes or boreholes without metal casings.