In July 2016 T&A Survey has been selected to receive an Innovation Credit from the Dutch government to contribute to the financing of the development of the TISA™ 3D Borehole Radar (TISA 3D) tool. T&A Survey Group has been involved in the development of a 3D Borehole Radar tool since 1998, which has led to the availability of a TISA 3D prototype for detecting metal objects in boreholes up to 100 meters of depth. Currently, T&A is preparing for the next step: the development of a full service E&P wireline logging tool for use in boreholes with a maximum depth of 4.000 meters, applied in oil and gas reservoir characterization.  

The use of borehole radar tools so far has been limited to high resistivity environments such as granites (geothermal) and salt domes in order to achieve significant depth of penetration. However, to incorporate directional response in the narrow dimensions of a borehole tool is a significant challenge. Due to low antenna efficiency, existing concepts intending to achieve directional sensitivity are not able to reach the required depth of investigation.  

The TISA 3D tool will be the first and only existing technique to perform 3D ground penetrating radar measurements from a single borehole. In addition, the radar can be used to observe deeper into the surroundings of the borehole than other existing geophysical borehole survey tools do to provide detailed information on the geology, structure, dimensions and fluid content of the reservoir

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