Natural gas is composed of more than 75% methane. There is a high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method for the detection of methane in all sectors of the natural gas industry. By attaching a methane detector to a drone, the inspected route can be tracked with coordinates and gas concentration. This way methane leaks can be detected safely, quickly and accurately.

How does it work?

The detection of methane gas is done using laser detectors which are able to detect and quantify methane leaks safely and quickly from a large distance of the actual source of the methane leakage. The measurement principle of the drone methane detector uses the characteristics of methane, which absorbs laser beam (infrared rays) of a specific wavelength, called infrared absorption technology.


Possible applications of drone methane detection technology include landfill emission monitoring, line, tank and asset inspection and surveys in inaccessible areas.

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