T&A Survey’s TISA 2D Borehole Radar  is  a simple, safe and clear way to acquire data of the subsurface. The TISA 2D tool can be used in various shallow and deep underground applications where traditional surface ground penetrating radar (GPR) cannot penetrate and is beyond its range. Dense urban environments, for example, present different challenges than open unobstructed areas where GPR is most often used. What if the buried object is under a concrete slab or under a building?  

Only one borehole
What makes TISA 2D unique is its reflection mode, where both antennas are located in a single tool inside the same borehole. The transmitted pulses are reflected by a nearby object and detected by the receiver antenna. The depth of the antenna system and the measured pulse two-way travel time defines the 2D position of the detected object.  The TISAMap software allows for an efficient and state of the art processing, interpretation and display of all your recorded borehole data.  

The TISA 2D tool has been successfully used in a wide range of projects from sinkhole detection, locating concrete walls to the detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO). TISA 2D is most often used in Europe in identifying and aiding in the recovery of WWII aerial bombs. UXO detection might be limited in your country, but it does demonstrate the tool’s ability to find metal objects like underground storage tanks (UST) or buried steel drums. For more examples please check our brochure or website

Free 1-day course
T&A is offering a 1-day training course at no cost where you will be introduced to the possibilities of TISA 2D. In this course you will learn all about:  

  • The advantages of TISA 2D compared to traditional GPR;
  • How to apply TISA 2D optimally for your specific goal;
  • Data analysis and interpretation using the TISAMap Software.  
The free course will take place in our office in Amsterdam. In the morning you will go on a field trip to do some measurements with TISA 2D. In the afternoon you will process and interpret the collected data with TISAMap.  

How to register

If you would like to participate, please contact us for further details and to set a date. We are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!