T&A Survey's TISA 3D Borehole Radar will be the first technique to perform 3D ground penetrating radar measurements from a single borehole. In addition, TISA 3D will be able to penetrate deeper into the surroundings of a borehole other than existing geophysical borehole survey tools currently available.

December 2019 TISA 3D Update

T&A Survey has finished the development and production of a new generation of the TISA 3D borehole radar system. The TISA 3D measurement system is the successor of the 3D BHR (introduced in 2001), a high resolution geophysical measurement system that delineates objects in the surroundings of a borehole until a depth of 30 meters below the surface. Recently, T&A has upgraded this system. The new TISA 3D has improved a lot compared to the 3D BHR.