T&A Survey and Remote Sensing specialist Ursus Airborne joined forces in T&A Survey Drone Services, the first company in the Netherlands to  perform specialised soil surveys with drones. Combining our knowledge and experience with geophysical and hyperspectral techniques with the latest drone technology, T&A Survey Drone Services offers a wide range of services making our surveys more efficient, safe and affordable.

T&A Survey Drone Services uses Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) combined with various geophysical techniques and sensors to gather, process and interpret data of the survey area. Drones can be used for UXO surveys, archaeological, environmental or geothermal research. Other applications are the inspection and monitoring of mines, constructions, wind farms and high voltage cables. T&A Survey and Ursus Airborne each have 25+ years of experience in subsurface research with geophyisical techniques and Remote Sensing.

Advantages of drone research

Using drones for specialised soil surveys has several advantages. Drone surveys provide a better overview, are safer are less time consuming than surveys from ground level. Also, drones allow us to access otherwise inaccessible or dangerous areas. Compared to manned flights drones are more affordable and the results are generally of better quality since drones can fly closer to the target.