T&A has performed a non-proprietary study into the potential and the risk of Ultra Deep Geothermal Energy (UDG) in the Netherlands. The emphasis is on the Dinantian Limestone, a promising reservoir for UDG at a depth of about four kilometers. For UDG we are looking for temperatures of at least 150 °C. Such temperatures are not feasible for current geothermal systems in the Netherlands, but are essential for various industrial applications and for the production of electricity.

Non-proprietary study
T&A has performed an extensive study, using seismics, borehole information and literature, resulting in a unique spatial insight into the occurrence of potential reservoir rocks at UDG depths in the Netherlands. In addition, a petrophysical analysis was performed to determine the reservoir quality. Based on the results from these studies and the detailed risk matrix, we have mapped the potential and the risk of UDG for the entire country.

Ask for our advise!

With the  knowledge from the study, T&A Survey can act as an  advisor for  Ultra Deep Geothermal Energy. If you wish to obtain the results of this study for specific location, please contact us!