The TISA 2D Borehole Radar has been succesfully implemented during a geophysical survey  for the location of foundation poles under a concrete basement floor of an appartement building in Utrecht. The main goal of the survey was to determine the location of the poles onder the carrying construction, in order for the activities to be carried out safely.

Using the TISA 2D, measurements were made from five boreholes. The results showed that the most likely configuration of te foundation poles was not the actual one. The radar data showed clear reflections of long, vertical objects representing the foundation poles. The obtained information made it possible to carry out the activities in the basement in a safe way.

The advantage of TISA 2D over surface radar is that TISA 2D makes it possible to detect deeper lying objects. TISA is also able to map objects located under a surface construction, which makes the technology very suitable for urban areas or under existing constructions.

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