Mapping of grout anchor locations with magnetometer probes

T&A has mapped 22 grout anchor locations in the Buiksloterkanaal in Amsterdam for a client. At the location of these grout anchor locations, 38 pile foundation pairs (76 piles in total) will be placed .

Magnetometer CPT

Based on our knowledge and experience we determine which geophysical techniques can best be used to achieve the research objective. In this investigation we have opted for the use of magnetometer CPT. With the help of a magnetometer integrated in a CPT, it is possible to map the influence of the earth's magnetic field caused by a grout anchor. The influence zone depends on the diameter, length and type of material of the anchor.

Data analysis

Based on the measurement data, the horizontal and vertical position of the grout anchors could be determined. This resulted in the recommendation to take the established position of the existing grout anchors into account during the design phase of the pile foundation.

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