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T&A UXO Academy

T&A Survey has been providing UXO training courses for various certificates for more than 10 years. Several hundreds of students have followed a course with us and passed the exam successfully. We provide training courses for individuals and for companies in both Dutch and English. Our expert course leaders have many years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of detecting and approaching UXO.

Online courses soon available!

We are currently working with our partner BC Opleidingen on making our UXO courses available online. In this way you can prepare for the exam at your own pace, when and where it suits you by means of clear learning material and extensive practice material. The Basic UXO Knowledge course is expected to be available in autumn 2020.

Our courses

T&A provides the theoretical training and practical preparation for the exams for the following certificates:    

As a CS-OOO certified company. Our courses are entirely based on the final and test objectives of the VOMES Foundation and comply with the examination requirements of the central and independent examination structure for examining persons who work with explosive substances and persons who detect explosive remnants of war..

Basic knowlegde UXO

Companies or organizations can be confronted with UXO for various reasons. People performing supportive activities in the UXO work area, without participating in the actual investigation process, such as drivers, excavators and supervisors, must have the Basic Knowledge UXO (Basiskennis OCE) certificate.

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Assistant UXO expert

If you want to become a professional in the UXO branche, you will have to start as an Assistant UXO expert. The emphasis of this level of expertise is on performing UXO detection. The Assistant UXO expert always works under the direct supervision and responsibility of the UXO expert.

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UXO expert

The UXO expert exam is only accessible if you are in the posession of an Assistant UXO expert certificate. In addition, the candidate must have at least two years of project experience as an Assistant UXO expert. This experience, including the various components of the UXO investigation process, has be demonstrable.

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Senior UXO expert

The Senior UXO expert leads the UXO team and is responsible for all mandatory administration according to the WSCS-OCE legislation. He/she is also involved in the preparation of project plans, the assessment of the preliminary investigations, the interpretation of detection data and the development of new survey methods.

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