UXO expert

For whom?
The UXO expert exam is only accessible if you are in the posession of an Assistant UXO expert certificate. In addition, the candidate must have at least two years of project experience as an Assistant UXO expert. This experience, including the various components of the UXO investigation process, has be demonstrable. The UXO expert is responsible for approaching and identifying UXO and temporarily securing the situation. He is assited by the Assistant OCE expert. The Senior UXO expert always has the final responsibility. He or she is always present at the project location and can be on site quickly in case of questions/uncertainties.

The UXO expert level includes:   
  • recognition, approach and identification of UXO,   
  • temporarily securing the situation,   
  • basic knowledge regarding the handling of (other) substances and objects in the subsurface and the relevant legislation and regulations.

The UXO expert exam consists of the following three parts:   
  1. theory exam consisting of multiple choice questions and some open questions about the functioning and composition of UXO;   
  2. practical exam consisting of 2 assignments on detection with approach, the identification of UXO and the interpretation of measurement data;  
  3. UXO identification, consisting of a field identification and a photo identification plus a motivated advice for securing the UXO.

Duration, costs and data
On request, depending on level, experience and group size.

The course  can take place at the T&A Survey office in Amsterdam or, if desired and sufficient participants, at the client's location. The exam takes place at the UXO Examination Foundation (Stichting VOMES).