Geodata above and below water level

Combining measurement techniques for drone and waterbottom research, T&A  can make 3D digital elevation and terrain models and orthophoto mosaics of areas streching both above and below the water level.

Combining drone and waterbottom research

The parts of the research area which are situated above the water level can be mapped by drones. The area below the water level will be surveyed from a vessel equipped with multi probe gradiometer, side can sonar, echosounder and/or multibeam. Waterbottom research can also be performed using a ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) and/or an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

By combining the results of the surveys, we are able to create a complete digital terrain model of for example breakwaters, piers, floodplains, delta's, harbours and coastal area's.

Advantages of combined surveys

  • All images made above and below the waterlevel are integrated into one othophoto mosaic.
  • Projects can be carried out in a shorter period of time compared to traditional survey methods.

Measurement techniques