UXO detection - Phase 2

If the preliminary UXO research (phase 1) considers it necesary, the UXO detection (fase 2) will be carried out. The goal is to determine  the position (x, y and z coordinates) of the suspect unexploded ordnance (UXO) using geophysical techniques. We will advise the client about which (combination of ) techniques to use to achieve the best results. A solid and thorough UXO detection survey will prevent unnecessary expenses in the following phase.

Measuring techniques
During field activities parallel measuring lines are run across the investigation area, moving along the selected research equipment. In some cases, when the survey goes deeper than 4 meters,  T&A uses boreholes for measuring or incorporates research equipment in a probe. In this phase, the investigation area will not yet face intensive surface-disturbing activities.

Suspect objects
After the geophysical survey the location of metal objects, possibly UXO, in the subsurface is known. In some cases we can also give an indication of the dimensions of the objects. Other disturbing factors in te subsurface, like tubes, cables and layers of debris, will also result from the (combined) detection research. The results determine the further measures to be taken.