UXO investigation

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UXO investigation

UXO research is necessary because explosives can pose a great risk when carrying out earth-moving activities and work in the water bottom. UXO from World War II, such as unexploded bombs, grenades, mines and ammunition, are still present in the subsurface and water bottom.

T&A's UXO investigation consists of 3 phases:

Phase II - UXO detection
Phase III - UXO approach

Why T&A for UXO surveys?

T&A's approach of UXO investigation very often results in a considerable reductions of costs and time:

Preliminary UXO survey - Phase 1

T&A's preliminary UXO investigation is a desk study to establish whether there is an increased risk of the presence of UXO from the Second World War in a specific area. This is done through literature and archive research and the interpretation of aerial photographs.

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UXO detection - Phase 2

UXO detection is carried out if the preliminary UXO investigation (phase 1) gives reason to do so. During the detection survey, T&A determines the location of suspicious objects (possible UXO) using geophysical detection techniques. We advise the client which technique or combination of techniques can best be used to achieve the research goal.

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Approach of UXO - Phase 3

The approach of UXO takes place if the detection survey (phase 2) reveals a number of suspicious locations. The suspicious objects (possible UXO) are exposed, identified and, if necessary, removed. The ultimate responsibility for the explosives approach lies with an UXO expert.

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WWII aircraft salvaging

During the Second World War more than 5500 planes crashed on Dutch territory. Most of the wrecks can still be found in the Dutch subsurface. Approximately 400 of these airplane wrecks probably still contain human remains of the crew members.

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Independent consultants

T&A has more than 20 years of experience in bringing UXO detection projects to a succesful end. It is our goal to always look for the best, safest en and most cost efficient way to realize your UXO project.

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Subsidy UXO detection and clearance

Municipalities can, under certain circumstances, have a part of their costs for UXO research refunded.

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Certification for UXO research

T&A Survey is fully certified for conducting UXO research and detection. Detection companies are certified according to the CS-OOO. The scope of the CS-OOO is divided into two sub-area's.

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