Certification for UXO research

T&A Survey is fully certified for conducting UXO research and detection. Detection companies are certified according to the CS-OOO. The scope of the CS-OOO is divided into two sub-areas:    

  • Sub-area A: Investigation (including preliminary investigation, detection and manual approach)    
  • Sub-area B: Civil engineering investigation process (approximate civil engineering assistance)

The presence of UXO can endanger public order and security. Based on the municipal law, the mayor is responsible for maintaining the Public Order and Security and is authorized to act here.

In accordance with CS-OOO legislation, the competent authority must be informed about investigative work by submitting the project plan and, in the case of approach work, also actively approve it (by means of a declaration of no objection).

Companies that carry out UXO detection activities and can be confronted with explosives for this purpose must have an exemption of the Weapons Ammunition Act (Article 4).