Petrochemical site mapped with drone photgrammetry

For a client, T&A carried out a drone 3D Photogrammetry measurement of a petrochemical storage site in Romania. The area had to be mapped three-dimensionally for planned remediation activities. Given the large surface of ​​the research area and the required data accuracy, the client wanted the measurements to be carried out by a drone.

Research area

The research area is located 60 kilometers north of the capital Bucharest and has a surface of ​​33 hectares. Above ground oil storage tanks and oil pools are spread over the site.


The RPAS (drone) study consisted of two flights and resulted in point clouds, a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and an Orthophoto. The total of 644 photo images were processed into a photo image with XYZ information using photogrammetric software. The photo image has been corrected for scale, height and color differences. The data is then processed into a point cloud. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and orthophoto have been calculated from this point cloud.