Environmental survey on the site of a former elevator factory

T&A has carried out an environmental contamination study at the site of a former elevator factory in Haarlem. The reason for the survey was the intended sale of the site, which required of the level of soil contamination to be established.

During the fieldwork, it was concluded that the soil consisted of sensory clean sand. The samples of the soil and groundwater have been tested and non of the measured levels exceeded the applicable background norms. No soil contamination was found at the location and there were no risks to public health and/or the environment.

Underground tank

During the field work, an employee of the elevator manufacturer pointed out the location of  a disused tank under the concrete floor inside the building. To exclude possible contamination, T&A has located and investigated this underground tank. No contamination was observed in the soil in and in the immediate surroundings of the underground tank. The exact location of the tank was mapped with with drillings. The research results showed that from an environmental point of view there were no objections to selling the site.