References geothermal energy

Project goal
KennisAgenda Aardwarmte
Geothermal potential in het West Netherlands Basin/Roer Valley Graben
Trias Westland
Development of drill concept, well engineering,  drilling program, drill management
IC Arnhem
Seismic extraction saltexploration Ganzebos
VHGMPreparations for construction geothermal plant
Well Engineering Partners
Well site geology, Kwintsheul
Propietary study Chalk potential northern Dutch offshore
Sterling Resources
Quick-scan play analysis new ventures Dutch offshore, Seismic interpretation northern Dutch offshore
Flora Holland
Feasibility study, drill design, drilling program & tender
Tracs International Consulting
Conceptual sedimentological model, Persian Gulf
Akzo Nobel
Evaluation of seismic interpretation Hengelo
Energie Partners West-Friesland
Preparation explorational drillings Andijk
AMT International
Geothermal potential Bergschenhoek, study  Carboniferous Limestone Siberië-Maasbree, Geothermal potential greenhouse area Tangmere, UK
Eneco Solar, Bio & Hydro
Reprocessing seismic data Den Haag, delivery of new doublet with reservoir map
Lans Groep
Advise for SDE-study Maasland
BAM Nelis de Ruiter
Seismic interpretation and static modelling North Sea shallow gas reservoirs
Provicie Utrecht
Seismic survey deep underground
Green Well Westland
Study of geothermal potential, preparation and management of the construction of the geothermal doublet.
Johnson Europlant
Quick scan, detection license, feasibility study
EnecoDetection license, study of geothermal protentia and geological detail study, Den Haag
Westland Infra
Reprocessing and reinterpretation of seismic data Naaldwijk
Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals
Quick-scan and license application, Delfzijl
MWHAnalysis and seismic survey salt exploration Isidorushoeve and Hengelo, seismic (re)interpretation
Aardwarmtekluster 1 KKP
Interpretation of wireline logs of reservoir zone  geothermal production drilling
Kwekerij VVE Oude Campspolder
Detail study for geothermal heat extraction
Gemeente Eemsmond
Quickscan and detection license for deep geothermal
Tuinbouwvestiging Deurne
Study geothermal possibilities for municipality of Deurne
Greenpeace Nederland
Mapping of the distribution and thickness of  the Booms Clay layer
Gemeente Rotterdam
Study of  geothermal potential
Provincie Drenthe
Geological study, detection license and subsidy application
Gemeente s-Hertogenbosch
Feasibility study, application detecton license
Kwekerij Het Grootslag
Quick-scan, application detection license