Advantages of the TISA 3D tool

TISA 3D technology has the following advantages over existing tools and methods:       

  • TISA 3D can image structures tens of meters away from the wellbore - TISA 3D images up to 15 m into the formation with a resolution of 0.017- 2 m, depending on the antenna type. In highly resistive environments such as pure salt bodies, radar signal will actually penetrate for hundreds of meters.      
  • Scalability - Due to its modular nature, parts of the TISA 3D tool can be interchanged flexibly. Modules such as source and receiver antenna, communications and power can be adjusted to the application (shallow/deep, wireline/MWD). Depending on the resolution and distance of the target form the borehole various antenna frequencies are possible. 
  • A complete image of the borehole surroundings -  Compared to other borehole tools, the 3D nature of the TISA 3D measurements add an extra dimension to the target. Fractures and their networks are imaged, together with the fluids flowing through them and the steam/water fronts.       
  • Operation of the tool in various borehole conditions - The TISA 3D technology has no adherence to a specific type of drilling fluid (water-based, oil-based or synthetic) and can actually measure the degree of mud invasion in the formation. Hardening of the tool for high pressure and temperature conditions will be comparable to other borehole tools. Radar measurements are not hindered by the mechanical noise due to high pressure and vibrations.