Drone UXO Detection

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones are very suitable for the detection of  UXO in large or inaccessible areas. Drone UXO detection is done with a drone magnetometer system*.  During the flight the drone is kept at a constant hight using a laser sensor, in order to obtain accurate results with high resolution. All flight details (speed, hight, location) are registerd and are completely reproducible in order to ensure the quality of the survey.

Advantages of drone UXO surveys

  • Inaccessible areas or heavily polluted sites become accessible for surveying.
  • Higher productivity, especially in open areas.
  • Obstacles are not a problem as the drone can avoid them.
  • High resolution data.
  • Less personnel and equipment is needed, making the survey more cost-efficient.

Measurement techniques

* Currently in test phase