Green Well Westland

The Green Well Westland geothermal project was initiated by five greenhouse growerns from Honselersdijk who wanted to switch to geothermal energy for the heating of their greenhouses. T&A was responsible for the well design, the management and the supervision of the geothermal drillings. Between december 2011 and may 2012 the drillings were performed by DrillTec from Germany.

Implementation of the project
T&A drilled a geothermal doublet consisting of a production well an an injection well, each with a length of 3.200 meters. Since the wells are slanted, the deepest point is at 2.800 meters. The distance between the extremities of the two wells is 1.500 meters. The hot water is pumped up through the production well to a heat exchangers, where the heat is transmitted and devided between the participants. The cooled off water is pumped back into the ground by the injection well.

The results
The well has a minimal potential output of 60 liters per second, approximately 180 cubic meters per hour, with a temperature of 87° at the wellhead. The doublet provides about 12MWth and is used for around 7.000 hours per year.

By using geothermal energy, Green Well Westland aims ad reducing the annual consumption of natural gas with more than 50%. If the production is higher than their demand, the remaining energy is sold to neighbouring greenhouse growers.

With its depth of 2.800 meters the Green Well Westland project is the deepest geothermal project so far in The Netherlands. In addition, it is also the well with the highest capacity and it is the project with the largest number of benefitting businesses (eight so far, with plans for further expansion).