Secured dredging in suspect water bottom

In the Netherlands a lot of fighting has taken place during the Second World War. As a result, many UXO were left behind on land as well as in waterways. T&A Survey specializes in dredging projects in areas with a risk of finding explosives.

Prior to dredging a suspect area, detection of metal objects in the water bed will take place. After the detection investigation, certified divers will check whether these objects are actually explosives. Under water, they carefully remove the sludge around the object in order to identify it. Detection of UXO in the sediment is only effective for large explosives, such as airplane bombs.

Dredging in UXO suspect areas
On locations suspect fore the presence of smaller explosives, or where the larger explosives have already been approached by divers,  dredging must take place according to current legislation. Secured dredging is always a customized operation. T&A Survey can organize the dredging process in several ways, making it fit in perfectly with your project.