Application: Geotechnical Survey

After many years, the exact location of structures (concrete piles, sheet piles and foundations) is often unknown and needs to be determined again. Geotechnical investigation of underground structures aims to determine the exact location and dimensions of a structure or to check for possible damage or decay. Research from ground level is often difficult because the structures are too deep or in a densely built environment. TISA 3D can offer a solution.

Steered Drilling

Steered drilling is a new technique for laying underground cables. As an alternative to digging trenches, it is a cost-effective method that causes fewer disturbances to the environment. As the number of cables and other objects in the shallow subsurface increases, there is more need for exploration of the drilling path. As an alternative to measurements from the surface, the high-resolution directional borehole radar can be integrated in the drilling process to explore the drilling path in advance.