Application: Mining Industry

The mining industry is all about knowing what's going on in the underground. Without subsurface testing, it is impossible to locate an ore body, to define exploitable reserves or to design a mine plan.

Geophysical tools used in the oil industry (such as 3D seismic techniques) have been adapted and applied in mining industry, resulting in great benefits for the exploration of mines. However useful these tools may be, none of them can compete with the TISA 3D Borehole Radar’s capacity to reveal a high-resolution contrast between different materials in the underground.

Applications TISA 3D in Mining

  • detection of lateral and vertical heterogeneities
  • detection of cavities, faults and fracture zones
  • locating ore bodies
  • determining exploitable reserves
  • designing a mining plan
  • detection of pot holes

Opportunities for GPR in salt dome imaging

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