Application: Oil & Gas reservoir characterization

The TISA 3D Borehole Radar technology is a promising addition to existing logging techniques in oil and gas exploration and production.More accurate reservoir assessment leads to less reservoir uncertainty, lower technical and financial production risks and improved reservoir management. Surface systems usually do not have sufficient penetration and/or resolution to create a clear view of oil and gas reservoirs. Currently no techniques exist that can map the environment of a borehole three-dimensionally.

The TISA 3D will be the first technique capable of collecting high resolution data from the borehole environment and not only from the direct borehole wall.

Main applications of TISA 3D in E&P

  • Logging tool: In an exploration environment, TISA 3D can be used as an Electric Propagation Tool to detect the electrical properties of the formation.
  • Geosteering: In thin pay zones, where it is crucial to follow a specific drilling path,  TISA 3D can provide the information to steer the drill bit. The distance to the top and bottom of the reservoir can also be measured.
  • Monitoring: In production phases, where water or steam drives are used, the TISA 3D is well suited to monitor the movement of the steam/water front in 3D.

Reservoir penetration range

The penetration range of the TISA 3D system in reservoirs is 5 to 10 meters, based on average reservoir properties (see table). Penetration range increases with increasing resistivity. In ideal situations, a penetration range of 15 meters can be obtained.

TISA 3D for Wireline Logging

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