Magnetometer & gradiometer*

With the Drone magnetometer and gradiometer, ferrous objects and soil layers can be detected from the air. Although still in the development phase, the drone magnetometer system has been successfully used in several (international) projects.

How does it work?

The magnetometer and the gradiometer measure the earth's magnetic field. This field varies due to local deviations such as ore deposits or ferrous objects such as UXO. By measuring this local deviation from the total magnetic field, the location of ferrous objects and soil layers can be determined. The gradiometer is a magnetometer which measures the change in the magnetic field (the gradient of the field). Compared to a magnetometer this increases the measurement accuracy and the sensitivity to regional changes of the Earth's magnetic field. Both measuring systems can also be used on the water.

Applications of drone magnetometer

*Drone magnetometer is currently under development.