Environmental drone inspection

With the help of T&A Drone Services' drones, the environment can be monitored for erosion, land degradation and the encroachment of invasive species. Pollution and environmental disasters can be monitored and the appropriate restorative action plans can be identified and carried out.

  • UAVs offer a timely and cost effective means of collecting high resolution data for environmental survey and monitoring purposes.
  • The ability to fly safely at a lower altitude, flexibility and agility make it possible to  conduct drone inspections in areas which can be difficult or dangerous to access by other methods and allows for greater coverage than conventional approaches. 
  • Drones can cover a vaster area compared to conventional survey methods.
  • The high-res images transmitted by the drone can be viewed in real-time or immediately after flight. If necessary, more detailed on the spot inspections can be carried out. 
  • Since the flight plans are based on GPS positions, they can be repeated on a regular basis for purposes of comparison, analysis and planning. 

* In test phase