UXO Research

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UXO Research

UXO research is necessary because explosives can pose a great risk when carrying out earth-moving activities and work in the water bottom. UXO from World War II, such as unexploded bombs, grenades, mines and ammunition, are still present in the subsurface and water bottom.

T&A's UXO investigation consists of 3 phases:

Phase I - Preliminary UXO investigation
Phase II - UXO detection
Phase III - UXO approach

Why T&A for UXO surveys?

T&A's approach of UXO investigation very often results in a considerable reductions of costs and time:

  • High quality preliminary UXO research limits the area to be surveyed in the detection phase.
  • Use of innovative UXO detection techniques gives a 3D image of the objects detected and reduced the amount of objects to be removed.
  • T&A is independent has no interest in extensive, superfluous digging activities.
  • UXO investigation can be combined with geophysical, environmental or archaeological research.
  • T&A has its own team of certified UXO divers